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Tribes Learning Communities Agreements

October 12th, 2021

Tribes is a gradual process to achieve certain learning objectives. Four agreements are respected: are you looking for a poster with the four tribes Community Agreements? So look no further. This colorful poster will help remind your students of tribe agreements. Each poster is printed on high-quality 80# paper with a satin reverse coating. Learning academic material and self-responsible behavior is guaranteed, as teachers use methods based on brain-compatible learning, multiple intelligences, cooperative learning, and social development research. Teachers and administrators from a tribes or district school also collaborate in support groups. They also enjoy the participatory democratic process and creative collegiality. All faculty and support staff have participated in intensive professional development to learn how to develop a caring learning environment and use an active learning approach that promotes healthy student development, increases motivation and improves academic outcomes. Tribe agreements, visible in every classroom, help us develop a safe and respectful learning environment. This book, studied and written by WestEd`s Bonnie Benard, is a detailed answer to the questions educators have been asking for many years: “What about the Tribes process that makes it work so well in so many schools, cultures, and countries? What helps all types of students love and achieve learning? What makes teaching easier and more enjoyable? Tribes Learning Communities (or Tribes TLC®) is an elementary, secondary and higher education program that fosters social and academic development by creating a positive learning environment.

To implement the Tribes process, after-school youth development staff and administrators participate in a 12-hour training program, led by a Tribes TLC certified coach®.

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