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Caldicott Guardian Agreement

September 13th, 2021

Caldicott Guardians get their name and inspiration from the Government Review of Patient-Identifiable Information, chaired by Dame Fiona Caldicott, which reported in December 1997. One of its recommendations was that a “governing person, preferably a health system, should be appointed as a guardian in any health organization responsible for respecting the confidentiality of patient information.” National Health Service (NHS) organisations should have Caldicott legal guardians responsible for the protection and use of patient information. The tutor is usually a health expert at the board level or his/her deputy. They should develop local protocols for the disclosure of information, restrict access to patient information by applying strict principles, and regularly verify and justify the use of patient information. “National health organisations should have clodicular guardians, responsible for the protection and use of patient information” The Caldicott Guardian ensures that data recognizable by patients is kept safe and used in accordance with the following principles: An update of the Council`s activities for the period 2017-2018-18 and an overview of its priorities for 2018-19 are included in Gua`s 2017-18 Annual Report British rdian Caldicott Guardian Cou ncil 2017-18 (PDF, 53.1KB, 9 pages). Our information governance training should help those working in the field of health and social services and provide you with the tools to understand your obligations in the Privacy Policy. All our courses are CPD accredited and fully online, meaning you can study anywhere and at any time and upload your certificate in a matter of hours. . .

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