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Agreement For Transfer Of Tenancy

September 9th, 2021

If you are married or in a life partnership, your partner still has the right to live in the family home after the lease is transferred. If you want to keep them away from home (for example. B because they threaten, harass or hurt you), you must apply to the court for a ban. If you want to get her out of the house, you need to get an exclusion order. It is not easy to get an exclusion order from the court and you should seek legal advice on this. You may be able to agree with your spouse or partner and landlord to transfer the rental agreement to your name. This means that your landlord terminates your partner`s rental agreement and will then issue you with a new lease. Your landlord doesn`t have to and may disagree if you have rent arrears or they don`t think you can handle the lease yourself. If your partner is the tenant or you are both co-tenants, you can ask your landlord to entrust you with the lease. This means that all the rights and obligations of the lease will be handed over to you and you will become the new tenant. This type of rental can only be transferred if you divorce or if you resolve your life partnership. You will review your application and inform you if they agree to grant a joint rental agreement. All tenants must sign a new lease if the lessor accepts the joint tenancy agreement.

If you are a tenant of a housing executive or a housing company and you want a joint lease, you must ask your landlord to change the lease. The remaining tenant is not entitled to a rental contract for the property. Sometimes, however, the landlord may decide to allow the remaining tenant to accept a new lease and stay in the property. If your partner is an insured or regulated tenant, they do not automatically have the right to transfer their lease. You don`t have to have the court-granted right of occupation to request a transfer from your landlord, and this option also applies to people in same-sex relationships who don`t have a registered partnership. If the deceased tenant had already requested the succession of the lease, there is no right to a second succession. . . .

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