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Adecco Employment Agreement

September 8th, 2021

You will receive all the documents up to the confirmation of employment If you want us to advise you on the details of the employment contract or to clarify the terms of your overall employment contract (CCT) before choosing a job or not. Everything is regulated and set by law by the collective agreement for the recruitment of employees At the end of your temporary appointment, you will receive a confirmation of employment and/or an employment service. If you are interested in a permanent job, temporary bets are worth gold – if you are already registered in the company and have a vacancy, you have a considerable advantage over “unknown” candidates. Finally, we offer you new temporary offers before and gradually you acquire new knowledge and professional experience. If it`s a success, go to an interview or a trial day. We take care of you, from the first to the last day you spend with Adecco. And we understood the best thing to conclude: we also take care of all the profiling and administration – and it doesn`t cost you anything. Flexibility and security, without costs. On its own, this venture can be quite difficult. That`s why it`s worth working with us.

With Adecco you benefit from a number of advantages: right to continuous training through Temptraining You benefit from an introduction to your new workstation as well as additional safety instructions, as required by the job profile. If you are entitled to continuing education, we will make suggestions and assist you in your professional development. Flexibility and security – temporary work pays off these days! If the company then makes a positive decision, you will receive a job offer. There are many reasons why you prefer to opt for temporary work. The common denominator is flexibility and freedom. The desire for change is growing and can be very inspiring – changing the scenery can work wonders! You decide when and for how long you want to work, without compromise. If necessary, you pass an aptitude test and/or a medical check-up….

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