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Psra Property Services Agreement

April 11th, 2021

The Property Services Agreement mentioned on this page is intended for land leasing. In this case, land means land and property, i.e. all types of land and buildings, including industry, housing and agriculture. If the property is to be managed after the rental of the property, this must be dealt with in the Property Services Agreement. Anyone can file a complaint against a licensed PSP about inappropriate behavior, which happened when the PSP provided a real estate service. These complaints are filed with PSRA. Information on how complaints are reviewed and how the complaint form can be used can be found on the PRSA website. When an owner uses a PSP to sell, lease or manage a property, the PSP must give a Property Services Agreement (EPI) or a Letter of Commitment (LOE). This is a legal requirement. PSA or LOE is a contract agreed between the PSP and its client. The document should clearly state what services are provided and what the costs are. A PSA or LOE is a legal and binding contract between the agent and his client. PSPs can apply for their licenses online at licences.ie.

The licenses are valid for one year and must be renewed each year. The PRSA has published a guide to becoming a licensed real estate service provider to help PSPs understand licensing requirements and complete application forms. The PRSA has issued a protocol and guidelines on how PSPs can operate safely during COVID-19. They outline aspects of the work of a PSP that can be pursued during COVID-19 restrictions. The documents also explain how certain practices should be changed during the pandemic. For example, the guidelines describe how real estate agents can manage ads during Level 5 restrictions by organizing only pre-booked appointments and limiting listings to a group in the property. For more information and an example of a Property Services Contract (EPI) or a Letter of Commitment (LOE), visit the PSRA website. It is illegal to provide a real estate service without a license and PPUs that are found without negotiation are liable to a fine and/or imprisonment. If you think a PSP is an unlicensed real estate service, report it to PRSA info@psr.ie. All PSPs must hold a PSRA license.

A PSP can only provide services for which it has a licence. PSRA maintains and publishes a register of all licensed real estate service providers.

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