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Cooperation Agreement In Italiano

April 9th, 2021

The parties may, on the basis of mutual agreement, forge other forms of scientific and technological cooperation. prohibit freight-sharing agreements in future bilateral agreements on dry and liquid bulk trade; Cooperation between educational institutions and between educational institutions and businesses, 1. Given the respective powers and powers of the Community and Member States, cooperation will aim to create an environment conducive to investment both at home and abroad, including improved investment protection conditions, capital transfer and exchange of information on investment opportunities. In view of the Community`s willingness to provide economic cooperation and technical assistance where appropriate, the parties will cooperate closely in order to achieve compatibility between their consumer protection systems. This cooperation may include the exchange of information on legislative work and institutional reform, the establishment of permanent systems of mutual information on dangerous products, the improvement of consumer information, including on prices, the characteristics of the products and services offered, the development of exchanges between representatives of consumer interests, the improvement of the compatibility of consumer protection policies and the organisation of seminars and training periods. 1. The parties are developing and strengthening their cooperation in the field of transport. 1. The Community and the Republic of Moldova establish economic cooperation that will contribute to the process of economic reform and recovery and sustainable development of the Republic of Moldova. This cooperation strengthens existing economic ties for the benefit of both parties. 2. This title should not be construed as preventing parties from taking measures to prevent tax evasion or evasion under the tax provisions of the agreements aimed at avoiding double taxation and other tax regimes or national tax legislation by the parties.

(2) In the field of employment, cooperation includes technical assistance: 2. Cooperation focuses in particular on the following areas: 4. Particular attention is paid to actions that can promote cooperation between independent states to promote harmonious development of the region. 6. The Cooperation Council makes recommendations on the development of cooperation in the areas covered by paragraph 3. The trade in nuclear materials is in line with the provisions of the Treaty establishing the European Atomic Energy Community. If necessary, the trade in nuclear materials is subject to the provisions of a specific agreement to be concluded between the European Atomic Energy Community and the Republic of Moldova. New initiatives outlined in yesterday`s agreement include the establishment of an advisory committee for the Italian security forces and the Sovereign Order of Malta, the involvement of new professionals (dentists, psychologists, biologists and architects) and the fact that the reserve staff of all armed forces can now settle. exchange of information on issues of mutual interest related to political cooperation in Europe, 3. In the spirit of partnership and cooperation and in view of the provisions of Article 50, the Government of the Republic of Moldova informs the Community of its intention to introduce new legislation or adopt new regulations that could make the conditions for the creation or operation of subsidiaries and branches of Community companies in the Republic of Moldova more restrictive than the situation that existed the day before the signing of the agreement. The Community may ask the Republic of Moldova to communicate draft legislation or regulations and to consult on them.

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