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Agreement To Undertake Assignment Of Future Income

April 8th, 2021

5.1.1. AV Marketplace, as the partner`s representative, acts on behalf of the partner in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded by the partner and AV Marketplace, carrying out the following activities: 11.3. The originator of the loan is required to terminate the contract in accordance with the terms and conditions of sale covered in paragraph 13.1 or 13.2 or, in the event of the insolvency of the credit initiator or a delay in payment by the originator of the credit, in accordance with the cooperation agreement concluded by the originator of the credit, the partner and AV Marketplace, the rights of redemption and obligations arising from the right transferred by the agent by the contract by the payment of a purchase price. 7.1.3. Apply the guarantee to the benefit of the agent and deal with all matters relating to the execution of out-of-court actions for the purpose of confiscating claims and executing the guarantee on behalf of the agent and the benefit of the agent, with all the legal rights of the plaintiff, the defendant, the third victim or the victim, including the counting rights. , to recognize or waive it in whole or in part, to make changes to the purpose of the claim, to make a counter-action, to challenge judgments or judicial decisions on appeal or cassation, to submit the case to the Court of Arbitration, to receive the execution documents, to file the execution documents, to file forfeiture and to receive the property or cash awarded to the agent, or to waive the right to receive these propertys or , to terminate the execution procedure and to sign all documents relating to those documents. The agent pays the commission (if any) to AV Marketplace for the performance of the activities mentioned in this clause, in accordance with the price list. AV Marketplace, using the power conferred by the agent in this clause, has the full right to decide what action to take in the event of a default by the credit initiator, partner or surety; HOWEVER, AV Marketplace is committed to acting at all times, in the interest of the agent, with due diligence; 13.2. AV Marketplace has the right to unilaterally terminate the contract at any time during the term of the contract by sending a notification to the agent`s email address. , and the loan manager and partner at the registered address, at least 10 (ten) business days in advance. Education credit tip: Education loans sometimes cover non-university expenses that are necessary but are not indicated in the agreement.

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