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IAM track at LSM

As a member of the LSM staff, I organize a track about IAM. The schedule is almost closed, including:

  • Pat Patterson, from OpenSSO, the famous Access Manager (SSO) of Identity Federation tool from Sun (english)
  • Ludovic Poitou, from OpenDS, the future Sun’s Directory Server (english or french)
  • Clément Oudot, from LemonLDAP::NG, an opensource Web SSO (english or french
  • Tomas Gustavsson, from EJBCA, the most famous opensource PKI product (english)
  • Jonathan Clarke, from LSC, a tool to synchronize directory from JDBC or LDAP (english or french)
  • Myself, introducing about IAM, especially the provisionning (french)

This day is planned for July, the 10th, at Nantes. Check LSM website to register in a near future (registration are not opened yet). For OpenDS, LemonLDAP::NG and LSC talks, the language will be choosen according the audience.

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